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Comprehensive Service Menu & Packages

Health and well-being are a personalized therapeutic experience that requires each session to be customized. It is our ongoing purpose to bring an authentic, meaningful, healing experience to each session. Having a comprehensive service menu allows for each session to be fully customized to meet each individual’s needs. Choose a duration and each time you visit you decide what modalities you would like to incorporate into your session.

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Service Menu

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Heather's Massage Services

Heather is not accepting new clients currently.

45-minute session: $75.00
60-minute session: $100.00
75-minute session: $125.00
90-minute session: $145.00

Package options:

6 pack of 60-minute sessions: $570.00 (save $30!)
6 pack of 90-minute sessions: $810.00 (save $60!)

Each massage session with Heather may include FMT Blades (muscle scraping) cupping, essential oils, CBD lotion, and/or hot stones at NO additional charge.

*No refunds on packages*
*If using a credit card payment, processing fee will be applied to package price*
*Click to view our Policies*

Maria's Massage Services

45-minute session: $70.00
60-minute session: $90.00
90-minute session: $120.00

$5 upcharge for Hot stone, Aromatherapy, Cupping, & Prenatal

Package options:

6 pack of 60-minute sessions: $510.00 (save $30!)
6 pack of 90-minute sessions: $660.00 (save $60!)

10% off discount for Veterans & Healthcare workers (not applicable with packages or additional discounts)

*No refunds on packages*
*If using a credit card payment, processing fee will be applied to package price*
*Click to view our Policies*

Practitioner Assisted Stretching

Treatment options:

Single session stretch
30-45 minutes: $45

Stretch & Massage: Restore balance and healing to the body with adding on assisted stretching after any massage.
30-45 minutes: $35

Stretch & Infra-red sauna blanket: Lie comfortably on the sauna blanket for 10-15 minutes prior to stretch. Warming your tissues prior to stretching will aid in increased circulation and blood flow that will initiate the most effective stretching treatment.
45 minutes: $55

Call (913) 343-0516 or use our Contact form to get in touch with any questions.

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Service Menu Descriptions

Therapeutic Massage
Healing Within Massage & Wellness Overland Park
Massage Therapy

This massage uses several different combinations of massage modalities. Each session has a strategic personalized goal for each client to relieve strain, inflammation, and stress to promote therapeutic benefits.
45/60/90 minute

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques. This technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.
45/60/90 minute

Deep tissue massage works to lengthen and relax deep tissue. This type of massage may help manage pain and increase a person’s range of motion. A deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle and the surrounding tissues.
45/60/90 minute

This specific myofascial intervention, also known as Graston Technique, is a soft-tissue treatment that effectively breaks down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. This modality is applied using a stainless-steel instrument that aids in the remodeling of adhesions that have developed. The manipulation of the affected soft tissue structures allows for full functional restoration to occur. This instrument can be applied with a gentle approach or be used as a deep tissue method, depending on the desired goal.
Add on 45/60/90 minute

This intervention is used with special cups that allows for targeted myofascial tissue manipulation. Fascia, our connective tissue, aids in many functions of our bodies. Myofascial Cupping is a traditional Chinese method that creates a suction and vacuum to take place under the skin, allowing for a decompression effect that detoxifies the tissue, increases blood flow, relieve restrictions, and improve overall health and function.
45/60/90 minute

A strategically-designed therapeutic massage that provides essential relaxation and comfort for the expectant mother to-be. The focus is centered around soothing areas of tension, reducing stress, and balancing the body through all the changes of trimesters two and three. Pillows are provided to support a side-lying position.
45/60/90 minute

This healing, full-body massage incorporates warm basalt stones that gently glide the body with light to moderate pressure. The heat from the stones is used as a tool to release muscle tensions and toxins, and promotes a deeper state of relaxation.
60/90 minute

CBD, stands for Cannabidiol, it is one of over a hundred compounds produced in the resinous flowers of the cannabis plant. It has been used for medicinal purposes in many cultures for thousands of years. CBD has been proven to provide relief from many chronic conditions without any harmful side effects. The highest quality CBD lotion will be applied topically on problem areas to quickly create anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects to muscles and join.
Add on 45/60/90 minute

Herb-infused essential oils used throughout the session to allow healing benefits. Essential oils are more than just nice scents; these powerful healing plant extracts can soothe and soften skin, deliver a deeper state of relaxation and calmness, ease fatigue and soothe senses. Each essential oil used is said to have different properties and serve different purposes. Properties include a calming effect, can be used as a decongested, are energizing, and can be uplifting.  These essential oils are an invitation to your wellness journey. A list will be provided for you to choose from or you may request your therapist to select a special blend depending on your specific desired goals for that session.
Add on 45/60/90 minute

Sports massage is designed to help athletes, and individuals that exercise before, during and after training. It is useful to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and aid with healing. Techniques used can often be quite strenuous with stretching tight muscles, stimulating inactive muscles and improving the condition of the soft tissue The aim of sports massage is to reduce the stress and tension that can build up in the soft tissues from exercise.
45/60/90 minute

Myofascial release therapy is a technique that focuses on relieving stiffness in the myofascial tissues. Sustained pressure is used to isolate the thick myofascial tissue (connective tissue.) Myofascial tissue supports our muscles, joints, organs and bones. It is a network of tissue that spreads throughout our entire body. It connects your muscles, joints, and bones. Tight myofascial tissue can restrict movement in your muscles and joints.
45/60/90 minute

As a society, we are living longer, but not healthier due to our sedentary lifestyles. Sitting, and the decline in “MOVING” throughout the day is detrimental to your body and overall health. Stretching can improve your posture, circulation, range of motion, and balance, which ultimately slows down the ageing process. This one-on-one stretching treatment is known for restoring mobility and flexibility. Assisted stretching techniques aid in joint mobility, restoring overall stability, and functionality of the body. Stretching is crucial to relieve stiff, sore muscles. It can increase endurance, reduce the chance of injury, improve performance, and reduce “down time” after an injury.

Expectations: Your body did not get to this point overnight. So, it will not get to optimal health overnight. Just like any treatment and changes made within the body, stretching done gradually will increase your active range of motion with a dedicated effort.

Single session- 30 minute
Massage & Stretch- Add on to any massage session-30 minute
Infrared & Stretch- 45 minute

Lie comfortably on your back while the sauna blanket is pulled up to your neck. Far-infrared ray energy, also known as radiant heat, is the natural part of the spectrum of sunlight, with NO damaging UV rays. Far-infrared rays promote increased metabolism and blood circulation. You will enjoy the detoxifying benefits as you sweat out accumulated toxins. Infrared technology brings forth a therapeutic treatment that is not only relaxing but also clinically shown beneficial for your health.

ADD ON to any massage session. The benefits of one can often increase the benefits of the other.

Its healing benefits include detoxification, rejuvenation of skin, reduction of stress, pain/inflammation relief, tissue/muscle recovery, lower blood pressure, cardiovascular health, improved health/function at the cellular level, immune system support, and BURNS CALORIES.

There are 3 options available for you to use the Infrared Sauna blanket. Prior to your massage session, after your massage session, or up to 2-3 times a week without a massage service appointment. Temperature ranges from 35-75 degrees Celsius, which translates to 77-167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choose a book to read or lie comfortably while listening to relaxing music. Enjoy a chilled towel afterwards.
30/45 minute

*$35 session *package of 5 sessions $150

Click here to review our Infrared Sauna Policies before booking.

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Packages, Events & More!


Healing Within “Trio“

Massaging the hands, feet and scalp is proven to promote a deep sense of relaxation. This trio is combined with essential oils to aid in the delivering of total relaxation.
45 minute - $75
60 minutes - $100

Revive and Thrive

Combine Massage, stretching & Infra-red sauna blanket.
Added on to any massage duration - $55

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On-site Chair Massage Events

We are available to bring Chair massage to you or your event. We offer Corporate wellness chair massage programs, and event massage for any occasion. This on-site service can show employees, clients, and anyone at the event how much they are appreciated and valued. Anywhere you wish to incorporate chair massage- we are here to help!!

Please inquire about pricing! Call us at (913) 343-0516 or Contact Us. 

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Retreat Classes and Packages

Stay in the loop with our latest updates and upcoming events by following us on social! Be the first to know about new retreats, packages, and exclusive opportunities. Join our community today to embark on a journey of wellness and growth!

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